Sunday, October 4, 2009

1913 Singer 128K crank sewing machine

I have always wanted a nice little hand crank machine. I was lucky enough to find this on ebay a few months ago. It is a 1913 Singer 128 with La Vincendora decals. It was made between July and December 1913 at the Kilbowie Singer factory in Clydebank, Scotland. When it was delivered I had to clean up the shuttle bobbin as it looked like a rat nest.. but after I rewound the bobbin correctly I tried it out and just like the old Singer machines are known for, she sewed just perfect!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

1956 Singer Featherweight

I purchased my "birthday" 1956 Singer Featherweight recently. Here are her pictures along with all her great attachments that include a automatic zigzagger, buttonholer, and a complete box of attachments. She works like a dream. I can fondly remember my grandmother, Anna Josephine Pfenning using her little featherweight. They lived in Vermont, but were known to "winter" in Florida so it was the perfect size to stow in their car on their trips south.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Silkies/ciggies at my etsy store

After searching for silkies/ciggies for my CQ stash I decided to make an investment buying clipart and supplies to make my own silkies.

I had seen some out there, but like what I wanted to use. I then decided that I was probably not alone so made the step to not only an Etsy buyer, but an Etsy seller.

My store opened on Saturday evening. It got many hits over the next 48 hours. I am hopeful people will find my store and stop buy to purchase silkies for their own CQ stashes!

I started out with woman, children, flowers, and butterflies. I hope to expand into buildings, people, animals, and items.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Organizing continues....

Earlier this week my DH put up 3 shelves in my office/craft room so I could clear out all my totes. I picked up some clear covered plastic boxes at the local dollar store and have finally got my fabrics sorted and on the shelves. I am thrilled! No more totes in the corners and I can see what is in each box. The only brackets he could find were the ones that have the hook on the front for use with a dowel system for closets. Now to figure out what to use those hooks for.

The sun is out today and temps are expected to reach into the 50s here in Vermont. I can't wait for spring!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

My first CQ block, finally!

I hand pieced my first CQ block last night.. only a 6-inch block as I want to use it for a pin cushion. I used only velvets and just love the colors. I still need to baste around the outside edges. Tonight I hope to start the embroidery and embellishing.

Monday, March 2, 2009

My journey continues...

I now have Rosie, my Singer treadle Model 66 red eye up and running. New bobbin wheel arrived today. She works like a charm! Who would guess she had not been used in almost 35 years! Her namesake would be thrilled to know she is again being used.

My dear husband is going to put up some shelves in my office/craft room. I think he is sick of seeing the totes of fabric in his office. I have tried to sort them all into categories, for example, cotton solid, cotton prints, brocade,velvet, upholstery fabrics, and specials. I think the next step will be sorting by color to break it down a bit more in hopes of using Zip-Loc bags to store them in so I can see in and the dander from my parrot stays out!

The snow is falling so it is a good day to stay warm inside and get a bit of these projects started.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

In the beginning there was Rosie...

I started sewing at home with my mom's Singer treadle when I was about 5 or 6. After she upgraded to electric I used my great grandmother's New Home treadle. Now that was an experience with the long bobbins. I have had Singer electrics over the years, but just did not feel right to me. Too many bells and whistles.

When I started looking for a treadle about 2 years ago I knew that I wanted a round bobbin machine. My search took me to Massachusetts where I found Rosie my Singer treadle red eye, which dates to 1915. I need to clean her up, replace a bobbin wheel, and tighten the belt as it has stretched over the years. I will then test her out. Fingers crossed!

My stash has been out of control since starting 2 years ago. Yes, 2 years and not a block to my name yet. I became too overwhelmed by all I had and with only a small closet in my office to store things I gave up and just packed everything away in the shed.

Usually New Year's resolutions consist of dieting, stop smoking, or something along those lines. I had to be different. I made the resolution to get my stash under control and figure out a "system" that would work for me. I now think I am ready.

To get things in some kind of order I used Zip-Loc bags for the material and sorted by color and type. I then purchased Lock & Lock rectangular containers that are see through for my lace, braids, embellishing threads, appliques, buttons, sequins, and ribbon. I have 2 Dot Boxes for my sead beads and larger beads are in 2 Darice bead boxes.

I purchased what is called a Mega Tote II. It has pockets on the outside in numerous shapes and sizes and the inside holds 6 11x7 inch plastic containers. I will use one for my "tools" scissors, Olfa cutters, pens, pencils, ruler, and so on, the next I used for threads and embellishments, a variety of fabric in the next, and so on. Now if all works as I hope it does I should be able pick out the fabric, ribbon, buttons, and embellishments I want and keep them in some kind of order in the tote during the time I am putting them together. Fingers crossed!

I decided to do my first couple of blocks in only solid cotton fabric. I am taking baby steps here.. I don't want to mess up with "special" fabrics so will do it with only cottons until I know I am doing it correctly. I guess thats all for now.