Saturday, February 21, 2009

In the beginning there was Rosie...

I started sewing at home with my mom's Singer treadle when I was about 5 or 6. After she upgraded to electric I used my great grandmother's New Home treadle. Now that was an experience with the long bobbins. I have had Singer electrics over the years, but just did not feel right to me. Too many bells and whistles.

When I started looking for a treadle about 2 years ago I knew that I wanted a round bobbin machine. My search took me to Massachusetts where I found Rosie my Singer treadle red eye, which dates to 1915. I need to clean her up, replace a bobbin wheel, and tighten the belt as it has stretched over the years. I will then test her out. Fingers crossed!

My stash has been out of control since starting 2 years ago. Yes, 2 years and not a block to my name yet. I became too overwhelmed by all I had and with only a small closet in my office to store things I gave up and just packed everything away in the shed.

Usually New Year's resolutions consist of dieting, stop smoking, or something along those lines. I had to be different. I made the resolution to get my stash under control and figure out a "system" that would work for me. I now think I am ready.

To get things in some kind of order I used Zip-Loc bags for the material and sorted by color and type. I then purchased Lock & Lock rectangular containers that are see through for my lace, braids, embellishing threads, appliques, buttons, sequins, and ribbon. I have 2 Dot Boxes for my sead beads and larger beads are in 2 Darice bead boxes.

I purchased what is called a Mega Tote II. It has pockets on the outside in numerous shapes and sizes and the inside holds 6 11x7 inch plastic containers. I will use one for my "tools" scissors, Olfa cutters, pens, pencils, ruler, and so on, the next I used for threads and embellishments, a variety of fabric in the next, and so on. Now if all works as I hope it does I should be able pick out the fabric, ribbon, buttons, and embellishments I want and keep them in some kind of order in the tote during the time I am putting them together. Fingers crossed!

I decided to do my first couple of blocks in only solid cotton fabric. I am taking baby steps here.. I don't want to mess up with "special" fabrics so will do it with only cottons until I know I am doing it correctly. I guess thats all for now.

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  1. Wow, Nancy, what organization! Sounds good. I need to set up something like that. I've collected for years and years so I better just jump in here and organize as I go. Looking forward to seeing that 1st block, Ruby

    another Newbie at CQ